« UNILIN division technologies expands the UNIZIP technology to tongue & groove flooring»

Gepubliceerd op 18-12-2019

After great feedback and some successful integrations of the UNIZIP technology all over the world, Unilin is happy to announce that in cooperation with Bart Beugt we were able to extended the one-panel solution for herringbone flooring to T&G profiles. Tongue and groove profiles are popular in engineered- and solid wood parquet floors which are frequently laid as herringbone patterns.

The original UNIZIP technology was introduced last year at Domotex Hannover and focused on click flooring. This new locking system, which locks both short and long side of panels in a horizontal and vertical way, allowed flooring panels to be installed as herringbone without the traditional need for two sets of panels (the so called "A and B" panels or "left and right" panels).

Now, with this extension of the technology to tongue and groove flooring, the need for A&B panels will finally and completely be something of the past for all types of flooring. 

Bart Beugt, a company in the Netherlands focusing solely on parquets and with more than 25 years of experience in tongue and groove flooring came up with the solution and decided to partner up with Unilin Technologies to license out the patented technology.

Bart Oerlemans, owner of Bart Beugt says: "Unilin Technologies was the obvious choice to partner up with to make this new technology a success. They have an extensive network in the flooring world and want to achieve the same goal as me: making herringbone floors a more accessible alternative all over the world.".

The Unizip® technology solves many of the logistical and installation issues associated with a traditional herringbone floor.  Manufacturers no longer need to manufacture two different types of panels, and as a result manufacturers, distributors and retailers will not need to stock a second type of panel.

More info on the UNIZIP technology can be found on our webite (www.unilintechnologies.com) or on our LinkedIn page (www.linkedin.com/company/unilin-division-technologies).

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